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Tom Holland “Accidentally” Reveals Offical Spider-Man 2 Title

Marvel's loose-lipped star just revealed the title for the next Spider-Man movie.

We’ve known for a while that Spider-Man star Tom Holland is terrible at keeping secrets. In the weeks before Avengers: Infinity War was released, Holland became well known for having loose lips, and it looks like nothing has changed in the past few months. Taking to his official Instagram account, Holland just “accidentally” revealed the title for the highly-anticipated Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel.

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In the video, Holland apologises for the lack of official announcements about the standalone Spider-Man sequel and jokes about the fact that Peter Parker died in Avengers: Infinity War. Before ending the video, however, Holland reveals that he just received the script for the next Spider-Man film and holds up an iPad showing the official title for Spider-Man: Far From Home. We still don’t know much about the next Spider-Man film, but this title would seem to confirm rumours that the film will see Peter Parker leave New York on a school field trip.

Watch the video below:

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Now that we know the title for the next Spider-Man movie, the only question left to ask is if Spider-Man: Far From Home is a good title. Let me know what you think in the comments section below!

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