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20th Century Fox Is Developing A Standalone ‘Silver Surfer’ Movie

The Herald of Galactus is coming to the X-Men movie universe.

While everyone waits for the Disney/Fox deal to succeed or fall apart, 20th Century Fox is continuing to develop various projects, including films set within the X-Men movie universe. The latest report comes from The Hollywood Reporter and states that Fox is actively working on a Silver Surfer spin-off movie.

The Silver Surfer movie is reportedly being written by Brian K. Vaughn, with the studio moving ahead with the project at an accelerated pace. Unfortunately, no other details are known about the spin-off yet, but we shouldn’t have to wait very long if the studio is moving as fast as reported. Silver Surfer joins developing projects such as the long-troubled Gambit movie, the upcoming X-Force flick and a solo Kitty Pride movie in 20th Century Fox’ growing schedule.

In the comics, Norrin Radd aka. The Silver Surfer is one of the most powerful cosmic characters in the Marvel universe. To save his homeworld Zenn-La from being consumed by Galactus, Radd volunteers to seek out new worlds for the villain to destroy.

SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter


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