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HBO Picks Up JJ Abrams’ New TV Series ‘Demimonde’

JJ Abrams just added another TV series to his packed schedule.

It looks like JJ Abrams isn’t planning to take time off before plunging into his second Star Wars movie. The actor/producer’s first TV series since Fringe was just picked up by HBO.

The series is titled Demimonde, which roughly translates to Half-World in French. The translation is obviously correct, looking at the basic plot details for the series. Demimonde will reportedly follow a father and daughter who get trapped in a new word after their scientist wife/mother slips into a coma.

This isn’t the first of JJ Abrams’ shows that HBO has picked up. Abrams executive produces the sci-fi series Westworld, which found a massive audience for the network when the first season aired in 2016.

I’m not sure when Demimonde is expected to premiere, although I wouldn’t expect it anytime soon. Like I said, JJ Abrams is a pretty busy guy these days.



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