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Rumour: Tom Holland Will Appear As Spider-Man In ‘Venom’

It looks like your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man might make an appearance in Venom.

Ever since Sony announced the upcoming Venom movie, fans have wondered if we’ll see Tom Holland’s Spider-Man make an appearance. For a while, it looked like Venom would be a standalone adventure and have zero connections to Holland’s web-slinger, but a new rumour suggests that we will see Holland as Spidey in the film.

Appearing on Collider Movie Talk, writer/director Jon Schnepp revealed that “a little bird” told him Tom Holland will make an appearance as Spider-Man in the Venom film. While it’s exciting to hear that a Spider-Man cameo is possible, it’s important to note that this is an unconfirmed rumour and one that you should take with a massive grain of salt. 

As an enormous Spider-Man and Venom fan, I would love nothing more than to see Holland and Hardy in the same movie, but it just doesn’t make sense for the characters and the current storyline of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Having Tom Holland appear in Venom means that the symbiote exists in Marvel continuity, but we’ve never heard or seen it in any Marvel film, and I doubt Avengers: Infinity War will take the time to introduce that colossal storyline.

Putting my love of the characters aside, having Spider-Man appear in Venom doesn’t make sense and actually causes problems for both the MCU and Sony’s new universe. Unfortunately, we won’t truly know if this rumour is true until Venom lands in theatres on October 5, 2018!

Do you think Spider-Man will appear in Venom? Let me know in the comments section below!


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