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Warner Bros. Reveals New DCEU Slate

Warner Bros. just announced the current slate of DC Comics movies, including Wonder Woman 2 and The Batman.

While appearing at Comic-Con Experience 2017 in Sao Paulo, Warner Bros. Pictures announced its upcoming slate of DC Comics movies.

Since the release of Justice League and its disappointing box-office performance, fans have wondered what changes the studio will make to the DC Extended Universe, but looking at the title cards revealed, it seems like Warner Bros. is sticking with its previous plan.

The already announced Wonder Woman sequel was the first title card to be shown, followed by James Wan’s solo Aquaman movie. The rest of the slate included already announced films such as BatgirlGreen Lantern CorpsSuicide Squad 2ShazamThe Batman and surprisingly, Justice League Dark.

While this line-up is more than impressive, there are a few key projects that were absent from the list. Not included in DC’s new slate is the solo Cyborg movie, Gotham City SirensJoker & HarleyDeathstroke, and Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam film. Before you get worried, it’s more than likely that we will still see these films in the future. The announced slate is probably filled with the movies that Warner Bros. is actively working on right now.

It’s also worth noting that Henry Cavill appeared at the convention and reportedly told fans that another Superman movie is in development.

check out the new slate below:


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