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Disney And Fox Deal To Be Announced Next Week?

A new report claims that Disney could purchase 20th Century Fox as early as next week.

Fans across the world continue to discuss the pros and cons of Disney buying the film branch of Fox, but a new report suggests that the deal is close to being finalised.

According to CNBC, the two companies are close to finalising the deal, which will see Disney purchase most of Fox’s assets, including the movie studio, 20th Century Fox. The report claims that the deal could be announced publicly next week.

If completed, the deal will give Disney and Marvel the opportunity to integrate characters like the X-Men and Fantastic Four into the ever-growing Marvel Cinematic Universe. This has caused a lot of debate online, as many fans (myself included) believe that the unique tone of films such as Logan and Deadpool offer a different experience to the Marvel movies, and it would be a shame if we didn’t see that continue after this deal is finalised. It would be incredible to see Wolverine standing next to Captain America, but it would be a massive disappointment if we didn’t get to see films like Deadpool and Logan continue.

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