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Edgar Wright Is Developing A ‘Baby Driver’ Sequel With Sony

Edgar Wright has confirmed that he is developing a Baby Driver sequel for Sony Pictures.

Looking at the wide array of films that have been released in 2017 it’s difficult to pick a favourite, but it would be impossible to not include Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver in some kind of top ten list. The film not only found critical success but turned out to earn Sony a lot of money, which would explain why the studio is pushing for a sequel. 

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Talking to Entertainment Weekly, Edgar Wright confirmed that the studio wants to make a Baby Driver sequel and that the plans are already in motion. The write/director states that he doesn’t know if he’ll return to helm the second movie, although he’s very interested in writing the script.

See what he said below:

Those talks are already in the works. The deal is being hammered out as we speak. So, hopefully, I’m going to at least write a second one. I’ve definitely got lots of ideas. Whether it’s the next movie, I don’t know. I’m just working that out at the moment, actually. I have a couple of things that I’ve been developing, and also a couple of new ideas that I had, and all the nice things things that I’ve been offered since [the release of Baby Driver].

Personally, I don’t feel like Baby Driver needs a sequel but it is definitely something I’d be interested in seeing. Hopefully, Wright will return to write and direct the project as it would be strange for another director to step into this world and these characters. 

Do you want to see a Baby Driver sequel? Let me know in the comments section below! 



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