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Sony Developing A Morbius, The Living Vampire Movie For It’s Spider-Man Universe

According to THR, Sony is developing a Spider-Man spin-off for Morbius, the Living Vampire.

It looks like Morbius, the Living Vampire is the next Spidey character to get the spin-off treatment. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sony has enlisted Power Rangers (2017) writers Burk Sharpless and Matt Sazama to develop a script for a Morbius, the Living Vampire movie, which would seemingly take place in the studio’s growing Spider-Man Universe.

First appearing an an issue of The Amazing Spider-Man in the 1970’s, Morbius has become a fan-favourite supporting character for the web-slinger, although he isn’t as famous as Venom, Doctor Octopus or many of Spidey’s infamous villains. In Marvel Comics, Dr. Michael Morbius is a biochemist who is transformed into a vampire-like creature when he injects himself with a treatment for a rare blood disease. Along with his thirst for blood, Morbius is super strong and has inhuman reflexes.

Sony has already moved forward with various Spider-Man spin-offs, including the Venom film, which is currently in production. We still don’t know if or how the spin-off films will tie back to Tom Holland’s Spidey but check back for updates.

Source: THR


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