After a disappointing first chapter with The Mummy, the recently developed Dark Universe might already be dead. The creative developers behind Universal’s shared monster universe – Alex Kurtzman and Chris Morgan – have reportedly left the franchise. Sources tell THR that Kurtzman and Morgan have exited the franchise to pursue other interests.

The hope was for The Mummy to spark a shared universe, which would feature beloved monsters like Dracula, Wolfman, and the Creature from the Black Lagoon. THR states that the Dark Universe might not be 100% dead, with the studio “exploring its options” and developing director-driven projects.

Personally, I’m glad to see that this is the end of Universal’s Dark Universe. Before the release of The Mummy, you couldn’t have found someone more excited about a shared monster universe, but I don’t see how the studio can right this ship. Hopefully, we can see monster movies that maintain the horror elements of the character, instead of creating an action-adventure film that ignores the history of the characters.

Source: THR


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