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5 Reasons A ‘Deathstroke’ Movie Is A Great Idea

Here's five reasons why a Deathstroke movie is a great idea for the DC Movie Universe.

Earlier this week we learned that Warner Bros. is eyeing The Raid director Gareth Evans to write and direct a standalone Deathstroke movie. Of course, this was met with split opinions on social media, with many fans stating that the studio needs to focus on the properties and projects they’ve already announced.

With that in mind, I decided to note down five reasons why I think a Deathstroke movie is an excellent idea for the DC Movie Universe.

Check out the list below:


Deathstroke Is One Of DC’s Greatest Villains/Anti-Heroes…

Since his introduction in 1980, Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke has grown to become a fan-favourite character, and one of DC Comics’ most beloved villains. The villain has faced and defeated some of the most powerful characters in the DC Universe but has also been portrayed as a likeable anti-hero.

Unlike The Joker or a wide selection of other villains, Deathstroke has the potential to be an incredibly likeable and relatable character on the big screen. It’s also worth noting that Deathstroke is one of the most skilled fighters in the DC Universe, so seeing him come to life in a live-action film would be an epic spectacle.


Gareth Edwards Is The Perfect Director…

Like I said above, Deathstroke is one of the most skilled fighters in the DC Universe, meaning they really couldn’t have found a better director for his cinematic debut. With The Raid, Gareth Evans has proven himself to be a master of fight choreography, creating some of the most badass action sequences ever put on screen.

With a director like Evans, the Deathstroke movie would be able to dial the action up to a thousand, possibly delivering some of the best fights in the superhero genre.


Great Way To Introduce The Character…

One of the most significant issues with these expanding superhero universes is the fact that villains are often less developed. By introducing Deathstroke in a solo movie, the studio could get the audience on board with Manganiello’s portrayal of the character, making us care more when Deathstroke eventually faces a major DC superhero like Batman.


An Exciting Way To Expand The DC Movie Universe…

Suicide Squad might not have done what it intended to do, but a Deathstroke film could be an exciting way to expand the DC Movie Universe and step outside of the conventional hero vs villain formula.

Much like what The Punisher will (hopefully) do on Netflix, this film has the opportunity to display a different side of the DC Movie Universe and explore new storytelling opportunities.


Deathstroke Has An Interesting Backstory…

While many fans will wonder why Warner Bros. would greenlight a Deathstroke movie, it’s easy to understand when you look at the character’s history and backstory. In a standalone Deathstroke movie, Evans would be able to explore the underground world of assassins, as well as the experiments that Slade Wilson undertook to gain his super-strength and healing abilities.


It’s not clear when we can expect the Deathstroke to arrive in cinemas, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Warner Bros. and DC Films pushed the film into production sooner rather than later.

Are you excited for a Deathstroke movie? Let me know in the comments section below!




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