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‘Deathstroke’ Movie In The Works With Joe Manganiello

According to The Wrap, a Deathstroke movie with Joe Manganiello is in the works.

Fans were more than excited when Joe Manganiello (Magic Mike) was cast as Deathstroke in Ben Affleck’s solo Batman movie. Unfortunately, when Affleck dropped out of directing, Manganiello’s role in the film was apparently cut, but it looks like Warner Bros. and DC Films still has plans for the character.

According to The WrapThe Raid director Gareth Evans is in talks with the studio to write and direct a standalone Deathstroke movie. The director was previously in talks to helm the Justice League Dark film but when that fell through, executives were supposedly impressed with his pitch for a solo Deathstroke movie.

Since his introduction in 1980, Deathstroke has grown to become one of DC Comics’ most popular villains/anti-heroes. The character has faced off against some of DC’s most powerful heroes and won, including the Justice League. While we’re not sure if the character will still appear in Matt Reeves’ Batman movie, it’s exciting to know that Manganiello still has a future in the DC Movie Universe.

Source: The Wrap


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