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New ‘Fantastic Beasts 2’ Image Teases Nicholas Flamel

Warner Bros. has just released a new image from the Fantastic Beasts sequel, teasing the introduction of Nicholas Flamel.

Earlier this month it was revealed that Nicholas Flamel will appear in the second Fantastic Beasts movie, and now Warner Bros. is teasing the introduction of the infamous Wizard. The studio just teased Nicholas Flamel on Instagram, releasing an image of appears to be the Wizards locked journal or case.

It seems the Philosophers Stone wasn’t Flamel’s only invention, as the caption teases other mysteries that the Wizard has locked away.

Check out the image below:

Harry Potter fans will remember that Nicholas Flamel was the creator of the Philosophers Stone, a mystical rock that gives the holder his/her greatest desire. Of course, the Philosophers Stone was the focus of the first Harry Potter film, and we will finally get to meet its creator in the next Fantastic Beasts movie.

The next Fantastic Beasts movie will be released in 2018!


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