Okay Internet, I think it’s about time you calmed down for a while. After the shocking news broke that Warner Bros. is developing a separate origin story for The Joker, we all didn’t know where the DC Extended Universe stands, and now The Batman director Matt Reeves has added more fuel to the fire.

In a recent interview with KCRW, Reeves stated that Warner Bros. specifically hired him to direct a “standalone” Batman film that might not be a part of the DCEU. See exactly what Reeves said below:

When they approached me, what they said was, ‘look, it’s a standalone. This isn’t part of the Extended Universe.’

It’s clear why this has worried a lot of fans online, but it’s also possible (and likely) that Reeves is only saying his film won’t overly connect to Justice League, Batman v Superman and the larger universe. In my opinion, Reeves is just stating that his film will be “standalone” in the same way that Wonder Woman and Man of Steel were independent movies. I would be shocked to hear that Warner Bros. is planning to develop a Batman movie, which doesn’t exist in the same world as the massively successful Wonder Woman.

Update: I was right! Matt Reeves has responded on Twitter, saying that The Batman will take place within the DC Extended Universe. Click here for Reeves’ full statement

What do you think? Let me know in the comments section below!


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