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Marvel’s Netflix Heroes Ranked From Worst To Best

With the first season of The Defenders just a few days away, I figured it was the perfect time to take a closer look at each of the heroes that Netflix has already introduced and rank them from worst to best.

Since Marvel first landed on Netflix, we’ve seen more than a few great shows, and even more awesome characters emerge on the streaming service. Marvel Entertainment has introduced some of its lesser known, more adult characters and introduced them to the world of television, which seems to be working. The shows aren’t only successful, but the characters themselves have quickly become some of the most popular in pop-culture.

With the first season of The Defenders just a few days away, I figured it was the perfect time to take a closer look at each of the heroes that Netflix has already introduced and rank them from worst to best. This isn’t my ranking of the shows themselves, simply the characters and the heroes that have been introduced so far.

Check out my ranking below:



While many critics and fans discovered a lot to dislike in Marvel’s Iron First, I personally think there were some enjoyable aspects to the series. Unfortunately, the main character wasn’t one of those elements. While Danny Rand should have been the most intriguing and entertaining character in the show, he was instead annoyingly whiney and possibly the least interesting character introduced in Iron First season one.

Danny Rand will be one of the four heroes in Marvel’s The Defenders, and if what I’m hearing is true, he’ll be an improved version of the character we first met in Iron Fist season one.



First introduced in Jessica Jones season one, Luke Cage quickly became one of the most interesting and badass characters on television. As possibly the strongest character in The Defenders lineup, this bulletproof, super-strong, coffee grabbing hero was interesting enough to carry his own show and make us beg for a second season.

Like Danny Rand, Luke Cage will be a major character in The Defenders, and hopefully, the relationship between Iron Fist and Luke Cage will be a reflection of what it is in the comics. Hell, their friendship might actually make Danny a more interesting character.



Following the critically acclaimed first season of Daredevil was a daunting task, but Jessica Jones did enough to create an equally flawed and fascinating hero. More than any other character on this list, Jessica Jones is probably the most powerful and unstable, which makes for some gripping entertainment.

Jessica Jones is the character I’m most eager to see when The Defenders is released, simply because we haven’t seen the hero since she was first introduced and it will be intriguing to see what Jessica’s been up to since she defeated Killgrave.



“One Batch. Two Batch. Penny And A Dime.”

After more than one failed attempt to bring The Punisher to the screen, Jon Bernthal delivered one of the most touching and impressive performances on television. I have no doubt that when The Punisher season one lands on Netflix, the character will top this list because even in the small amount we’ve seen of Frank Castle, he’s one of the best and more compelling characters in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe.

While we’ve not seen a lot of The Punisher, his backstory and characterization alone are enough to put him in second place. Jon Bernthal is arguably the best actor  Marvel/Netflix has, and the way this character is written and represented is flawless. I’m still holding out hope that The Punisher will make an appearance in The Defenders, but even if we don’t get to see Frank in the next few weeks, his own show isn’t too far away, and I’m expecting it to be the most brutal yet.



It might be because we’ve spent the most time with Matt Murdock, but Daredevil continues to be the most intriguing hero in Marvel’s small screen selection. Just like Jessica Jones, Matt Murdock is a deeply flawed, troubled hero and the way Charlie Cox portrays the character continues to surprise.

More than the other characters that have appeared on this ranking, Daredevil isn’t only interesting because of his superhero-ing, but his alter-ego is equally entertaining. The legal aspect of the show and the more civilised side of Daredevil is one of the more exciting sides of the character and without the legal mumbo-jumbo, we wouldn’t care much about Daredevil as a character.

That’s it for my ranking of the Marvel/Netflix heroes. Let me know how you would rank the characters in the comments section below and subscribe to Nerd-Feed for more news, rankings and reviews.


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