If the latest DC Extended Universe rumour is to be believed, Ben Affleck’s days as Batman are numbered. According to The Hollywood Reporter, a source close to the DCEU claims that Warner Bros. is working on a plan to usher out Ben Affleck’s Batman gracefully. The report doesn’t state how Affleck’s version of the caped crusader will exit the DCEU, only mentioning that Affleck will be ushered out in a future movie, possibly even Justice League.

This isn’t the first time Affleck’s future as Batmanman has been called into question. Earlier this year it was rumoured that the actor no longer wanted to play the character, however, those rumours were quickly put to rest when Affleck, Matt Reeves and other individuals stated that Affleck will continue to play the dark knight.

Personally, I would be disappointed to hear that Ben Affleck will never appear in a solo Batman movie. The actor brought something fresh to the character and with a solo movie, Affleck could deliver one of the best portrayals of Batman in cinema. It’s also worth noting that the cast of Justice League will appear at San Diego Comic-Con this Saturday, so Affleck will probably discuss the rumour and finally let us know if we’ll see him star in a solo Batman movie.

Do you think Affleck will leave Batman behind? Let me know in the comments section below!


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