While Suicide Squad didn’t get the reaction Warner Bros. and director David Ayer wanted, the majority of critics and fans agree that it would have been great to see more of Jared Leto as The Joker. Looking at the trailers, it’s clear that a lot of The Joker’s scenes were cut out of the movie which is a bummer, because I think that Leto delivered an interesting take on the character, and if given the opportunity (and screen time), the actor could portray a great version of The Joker.

Cinematographer Roman Vasyanov has revealed an awesome behind-the-scenes image of Leto’s Joker. The image comes from one of the characters deleted scenes, which would have seemingly brought The Joker and the Squad together in the third act of the movie. The scene clearly takes place after The Joker’s helicopter crash as the character is pretty messed up.

Check out the image below:



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