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Ranking All 6 ‘Spider-Man’ Movies

With Spider-Man: Homecoming in theatres, here's my ranking of all six Spider-Man movies!

So I recently saw Spider-Man: Homecoming for the second time, and feel like now would be the perfect time to discuss each interpretation of Spider-Man and rank all six Spider-Man movies from my least favourite to my favourite. I feel like I should mention that although there have been problems in the past, as a fan of the character, I have enjoyed each of the Spider-Man movies for various reasons, as well as the different actors that have portrayed the iconic web-slinger.

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Note: This is just my personal opinion. I’m not trying to say that my ranking is the definitive and only ranking of these movies and you’re entitled to your unique opinion, but do me a favour and let me know how you’d rank the Spider-Man movies in the comments section below!

Check out my ranking below!

6: Spider-Man 3


Director: Sam Raimi      Release Date: 2007     My Rating: 3.5/10

In the history of cinema, I don’t think there has been a more anticipated and a more disappointing sequel. Sam Raimi’s first two Spider-Man movies helped to define the genre, but somehow the director’s vision and the studio’s meddling contributed in destroying what could have been one of the greatest movie trilogies of all-time. Spider-Man 3 not only strayed from the source material but made a joke of the franchise and the character. Tobey Maguire’s interpretation of Spider-Man was turned into something silly and unlikeable, and I honestly don’t think I’ve seen such blatant meddling from a studio. Venom was clearly shoehorned into the movie, and I highly doubt Sam Raimi was the decision maker in that particular process.

Overall, Spider-Man 3 has a lot of great content, and I still love the trilogy overall, but Sony can never be forgiven for ruining what could have been one of the greatest trilogies ever and destroying an exceptional directors vision.

5. The Amazing Spider-Man 2


Director: Marc Webb      Release Date: 2014      My Rating: 5/10

After successfully rebooting the Spider-Man franchise in 2012, Marc Webb returned to direct the sequel and yet again, Sony managed to screw the pooch and destroy a potentially good new Spidey trilogy. Andrew Garfield’s interpretation of Spider-Man was good in this movie, and I don’t think anyone can say that he wasn’t a good version of a character but the problem with this instalment was yet again, the villains. Just like Spider-Man 3, it was clear that Sony pushed Marc Webb to include multiple villains in this movie and stuff the film with endless set-ups for future films. I honestly believe that if the story focused solely on one villain and Peter’s relationship with Gwen, it could have been great.

Just like Spider-Man 3, there’s a lot to love in this movie and Garfield gives a decent performance as Spidey. Unfortunately, this film yet again showed Sony’s inability to handle the character.

4. The Amazing Spider-Man


Director: Marc Webb      Release Date: 2012      My Rating: 5/10

After the franchise had been destroyed with Spider-Man 3, Sony decided to reboot the character, with Marc Webb in the director’s chair. For the most part this was a successful reboot and in my opinion, an entertaining movie. I liked Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man and think he was good enough as Peter Parker. I also enjoyed the relationship between Peter and Gwen and I remember being really happy that we didn’t need to see Pete fall in love with Mary-Jane all over again. Unfortunately, that’s about all Marc Webb changed from Raimi’s first Spider-Man movie, because The Amazing Spider-Man 2 completely retold the origin story of the character and we were forced to watch a scene for scene remake of an already great movie.

The Amazing Spider-Man is an incredibly fun movie with some fascinating and touching scenes. This is a film that I can still revisit and enjoy with every viewing. I just wish Webb was more original and didn’t spend most of the movie telling a story that had already been told better.

3. Spider-Man


Director: Sam Raimi      Release Date: 2002     My Rating: 7.5/10

Sam Raimi’s first Spider-Man movie is one of the most influential films in pop-culture history. Before the superhero/comic book genre even existed, Raimi managed to tell an incredibly epic, fun and charming origin story for Peter Parker, while also delivering the exciting and badass action sequences that audiences now simply expect from these movies. Tobey Maguire’s interpretation of Peter Parker and Spider-Man is arguably the most enjoyable, and it’s entertaining to see Peter’s arc throughout this film, going from a high school student to superhero in a matter of months. Raimi’s Spider-Man also gave the comic book genre one of the best villains to ever grace the big screen with Willem Dafoe’s performance as the Green Goblin.

Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man is a modern classic, and without it, I doubt we would have the astonishing amount of comic book movies that we’ve had in recent years.

2. Spider-Man 2


Director: Sam Raimi      Release Date: 2004      My Rating: 8

While I don’t love Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 2 as much as most people, it is undeniably an incredible Spider-Man story and one of the most impressive superhero movies regarding storytelling. Raimi continues Peter’s story naturally, making the second chapter feel like it is a part of the same story and the development of the characters is really impressive, even by today’s standards. Probably the aspect I love most about Spider-Man 2 is Alfred Molina’s portrayal of Doctor Octopus. I would argue that Doctor Octopus is probably the best villain in a superhero movie and that’s mostly down to Molina’s performance. Doctor Octopus’ origin in this film is terrifying and allows us to sympathise for the villain, which doesn’t happen often.

Even with the many comic book movies that are released each year, Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 2 is still one of the most exciting, touching and incredible movies in the genre. Tobey Maguire is yet again fantastic as Spidey, and if you haven’t already, I highly recommend you re-watch Spider-Man 2.

1. Spider-Man: Homecoming 


Director: Jon Watts      Release Date: 2017      My Rating: 8.5

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I’ll admit that I was kind of expecting Spider-Man: Homecoming to fall way below my high expectations. Honestly, I have been so excited for this movie since I saw Spidey in Captain America: Civil War, and although I didn’t think the trailers are especially good, I was still excited to see this version of my favourite Marvel character. I’ve always wanted Spider-Man to exist within a shared superhero universe, so when Marvel and Sony finally made this deal, I couldn’t have been happier, and the film couldn’t have benefited more. In my opinion, Spider-Man: Homecoming is miles ahead of the previous Spider-Man movies because not only does the film deliver the definitive portrayal of Spidey, but we’re also treated with one of Marvel’s best villains and the coming-of-age style blends perfectly with the narrative.

Spider-Man: Homecoming is one of the funniest comic book movies ever, and some of the action is incredible to watch. Spider-Man is finally back where he belongs, and I can’t wait to see where Marvel takes the character next.

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