According to reports, Warner Bros. is developing a sequel to last year’s The Accountant. The studio is reportedly trying to assemble the same creative team from the first movie and is attempting to get Ben Affleck and director Gavin O’Connor back for the sequel. Writer Bill Dubuque and producers Lynette Howell Taylor and Mark Williams are all expected to return.

Looking at the wide variety of films that were released last year, this is probably the one I least expected to be given a sequel. Don’t get me wrong, I liked the movie and thought it was a cool twist on the conventional action-movie genre. Looking at similar concepts like John Wick and Taken, this film might not be the most original film, but it introduced an interesting character and did a good job of teasing a larger world.

Obviously, things are just in the development stages but if you sign up to the Nerd-Feed newsletter you can get immediate updates about The Accountant sequel.

Source: Empire Magazine


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