DC Extended Universe Movies Opinion

Should Supergirl Appear In The DC Extended Universe?

I discuss the possibility of Supergirl being introduced to the DC Extended Universe.

Supergirl is currently dominating the small screen as one of the most popular female characters on television, but is there a chance that we could see Superman’s Kryptonian cousin appear in the DC Extended Universe?

After the monumental success of Wonder Woman, I’d speculate that we will undoubtedly see Supergirl in an upcoming DC Comics movie. Warner Bros. has proven that female superhero projects can be successful and it would make a lot of sense for the studio to promote female heroes like Supergirl to the big screen. Other than Joss Whedon’s Batgirl movie, Supergirl is the next logical step for a cinematic adaptation. The character has been growing in popularity since her introduction, appearing in her own massively popular television series and the video game sequel, Injustice 2.

So, should Supergirl be introduced into the DC Extended Universe? I’m gonna say hell yes! Like I said, Supergirl is becoming one of DC’s most popular characters and it only makes sense for Warner Bros. to take advantage of that popularity. We already know that the film could be a financial and critical success, but there’s also a lot of storytelling potential for a Supergirl movie. By adapting this character, the DCEU would be able to explore more of Krypton and develop some more of Superman’s backstory as well. A Supergirl movie would also give a director the opportunity to construct an origin story for a character that isn’t as well-known as Batman and Superman. This character has an extremely entertaining and emotional backstory, one that might even rival Superman’s and it would be incredible for Warner Bros. to adapt that on the big screen.

If I was given the opportunity to decide how Supergirl should be brought into the DC Extended Universe, I would argue that the character should first appear in a solo Superman movie. These two characters are deeply connected and by introducing Supergirl within a Man of Steel sequel, Warner Bros. would be able to accurately display how Supergirl makes her way to Earth and how her arrival impacts Superman. Of course, after a successful introduction in a Superman movie, it would be amazing to see Supergirl in her own film, showing the character go off on her own and develop as an independent superhero, without the constant help of Superman.

I would love to give my opinion on who should play Supergirl in the DC Extended Universe but in this case, I’m much more interested in an unknown actor landing the role. It would be amazing if the director and studio would search for the best person to portray this character, rather than the most famous one.

Do you want to see Supergirl in the DC Extended Universe? Let me know in the comments section below!


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