Late last night Lucasfilm revealed that directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller have departed the untitled Han Solo movie due to “creative differences”. Now, it looks like a major Hollywood director will step in to helm the next standalone Star Wars movie.

According to Deadline, Ron Howard is the front runner to replace Lord and Miller as the director of the Han Solo movie. Howard is known for a wide variety of films, most recently he directed Rush (2013) and In The Heart Of The Sea (2015).

It was a massive surprise to hear that Lord and Miller had left the untitled Star Wars movie but it’s exciting to see that the studio is working fast to find a decent replacement. Honestly, I’m surprised that the release date of the Han Solo movie hasn’t changed. While it would be sad to see the film delayed, if it meant a new director could do a better job then I would happily wait longer.

Do you want to see Ron Howard replace Lord and Miller? Could he make a great Han Solo movie? Let me know in the comments!


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