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Ranking The DC Extended Universe

With Wonder Woman currently dominating the box-office, I give my ranking of the DC Extended Universe movies that have been released so far.

With Wonder Woman currently dominating the box-office, it’s time to look back at the DC Extended Universe and discuss the four movies that have now been released. This is my official ranking of the current DC Extended Universe from worst to best, and I feel like I should mention that I actually liked each of these movies, so just because a film is in the lowest position doesn’t mean I absolutely hated it.

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4 – Suicide Squad

DC Extended Universe

I think I can safely say that this movie didn’t reach its full potential. With an amazing cast, a great director, and a tested concept, it’s hard to understand how a Suicide Squad movie could be a disappointment but somehow things didn’t work out for Warner Bros. Don’t get me wrong, overall I think Suicide Squad is an okay movie, the characters are great and I could see what David Ayer was trying to create, but looking at the film it’s obvious that Ayer was forced to rush and deliver a project that wasn’t being given the correct amount of respect and time.

What annoys me most about Suicide Squad is that I think a great movie could have been released. If Warner Bros. had faith in the director and was willing to step back and let David Ayer fulfil his vision, this movie could have been something really amazing. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen and Suicide Squad didn’t end up being as great as it had the potential to be. It’s a shame that we didn’t see a great Suicide Squad movie, but I would still happily pay to see more adventures with this team if Warner Bros. is willing to give the director more time and more freedom. Also, I really believe Jared Leto could have been a great Joker if he had been given the right amount of screen time.


3 – Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition

DC Extended Universe

Unlike the vast majority of people, when I saw Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in the cinema, I was genuinely impressed. These are characters that I have enjoyed and loved for year’s and while this movie had a lot of problems, I still found it massively entertaining and enjoyable.

Fast forward to the Bly-Ray release and debut of the Ultimate Edition. I was already a fan of this movie, but the Ultimate Edition fixed a lot of the problems I had with the theatrical release. As a massive Superman fan I was happy to see that Henry Cavill had a larger role in the Ultimate Edition and honestly, this version of the film made a lot more sense and made the Superman character more relatable and likeable.  

While I don’t understand every piece of criticism that Batman v Superman gets, it’s hard to ignore some of the issues in editing and an overall lack of good storytelling. However, I find the characters interesting enough to make this an enjoyable film. 

2 – Man of Steel

DC Extended Universe

While I can understand the harsh criticism that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice receives, I have no idea why Man of Steel isn’t universally loved. For me, this movie isn’t only one of the best DC Comics films, but one of the better superhero movies ever made. It was a near impossible job for Zack Snyder to re-introduce Superman to a modern audience and please everyone. Superman is an extremely difficult character to get right, and in my opinion Snyder did a great job with the casting of Superman and the introduction of this great hero to a connected universe. 

Man of Steel also did something that very few comic book movies do well, it introduced an interesting villain with understandable motives and Michael Shannon did an amazing job as General Zod. The interaction and communication between Superman and Zoe was amazing, and while I’m not fond of Superman killing his villains, the situation demanded Zoe’s death and overall I really enjoy this movie. 

1 – Wonder Woman

DC Extended Universe

I’m not going to delve too deep into Wonder Woman spoilers but I will reiterate what I said in my full review. Wonder Woman stands out as being the best instalment of the DC Extended Universe and one of the greatest origin stories the genre has produced. A mixture of great storytelling, stellar acting, and some phenomenal action sequences have ensured that Wonder Woman’s first solo outing will be remembered as a great introduction to the character. Even underdeveloped villains don’t stop Wonder Woman from being one of the most entertaining offerings from the genre and we can all hope this opens the door for more female-led superhero movies. 

What makes Wonder Woman stand as a better DC Comics movie is the fact that the film delivers a great amount of inspiration and offers a surprisingly rare example of a superhero who is expertly heroic and hopeful. 


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