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5 Best Moments In ‘Wonder Woman’

With Wonder Woman now in cinemas, it's time to enter spoiler territory and discuss the five most entertaining scenes in the entire movie.

Warning: This Post Contains Spoilers For Wonder Woman!

With Wonder Woman now in cinemas, it’s time to enter spoiler territory and discuss the five most entertaining scenes in the entire movie. To find out what I thought of Wonder Woman you can read my spoiler-free review but if you’ve seen the movie and want to share some of your thoughts, feel free to check out my five favourite scenes in the list below and let me know yours in the comments section!

5. Steve Teaches Diana How To Dance

Wonder Woman

After liberating a European town from the clutches of German soldiers, Diana and Steve enjoy the luxury of beer, music and of course, dancing. In a great character building scene, we see Steve teaching Diana how to dance, a moment which quickly turns from being a great comedic moment to one of the most heartfelt and touching scenes in the movie.

This is a very small moment in the movie, but it’s scenes like this that really add depth to the characters and make us care. A lot of modern superhero movies move too fast, so it’s exciting to see a film that isn’t afraid to slow down and tell an extremely personal story about these characters.

4. Steve’s Sacrifice

Wonder Woman

While Diana attempts to defeat Ares and stop the war, Steve commandeers the German bomber carrying Doctor Poison’s deadly gas. When at a safe distance, Steve turns his gun, takes a breath and shoots, killing himself but saving thousands of lives. This is an extremely touching moment that proves why character development is so important to these comic book movies. Jenkins took the time to develop the relationship between these characters, and in this moment we feel real pain at the loss of this character.

It’s a credit to Patty Jenkins, who did a great job developing these characters but also to Chris Pine and Gal Gadot who each bring a great amount of emotion to the scene. This is certainly one of the most emotional scenes in any comic book movie and a great piece of character development for Wonder Woman.

3. Diana In London

Wonder Woman

While the DC Extended Universe has been criticised for a lack of comedy, this is easily one of the funniest sequences in any comic book movie. This sequence takes place when Diana and Steve first arrive back in London and Diana first enters the world of man. We are then shown a series of fantastic scenes including Diana trying on traditional clothing, eating ice cream for the first time, and even attempting to walk through a revolving door.

Scenes like this separate Wonder Woman from the previous DCEU movies and lighten the tone. Wonder Woman doesn’t take itself too seriously and is willing to have fun with the audience. While this is a war setting and the film can be very dark, scenes like these add levity and it’s a great distraction from the darker tones.

2. Themyscira Battle

Wonder Woman

We were promised an epic beach battle and we were given an EPIC beach battle! After Steve Trevor first lands on the water of Themyscira, German forces invade the mystical island and the Amazons are forced into action. The Amazonian population is shown to be a fierce enemy, and it was incredible to see this army come together to defeat the German soldiers.

General Antiope (Robin Wright) is shown to be the most powerful warrior on the island, and her sacrifice to save Diana sets the emotional tone for the entire movie. This sequence is a great tease for the entire movie and promises that Wonder Woman will be an emotional film with badass action sequences.

If you were worried about Gal Gadot’s performance, then this was probably the moment that won you over. Seeing how Diana reacted to Chris Pine’s character and the death of Antiope proved that Gadot is the perfect person to play Wonder Woman. Like I said in my review, Gal Gadot delivered an incredible performance as this character and this scene proved that she wasn’t just great at the action sequences, but could also express the emotional and loving side of Diana.

1. No Man’s Land

Wonder Woman

The no man’s land scene is without a doubt the best action sequence in the entire film and possibly one of the greatest moments in any comic book movie. This is the moment Diana turns away from Steve Trevor, removes her robe and climbs onto no man’s land revealing Wonder Woman for the first time.

This is a great sequence that shows the limits of Diana’s power and it’s the first time we get a real look at Wonder Woman. Not only does the scene push the narrative forward, but the way Patty Jenkins shot this sequence was beautiful and this is easily one of the best looking scenes in the movie. If this doesn’t become Wonder Woman’s iconic cinematic moment then I’ll be shocked.

Thanks for checking out my top five list, let me know what your favourite Wonder Woman scenes were in the comments section below. Follow Nerd-Feed for more geek filled updates and discussions!



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