American Gods took a step back this week and instead of continuing the adventures of Shadow and Mr Wednesday, we were offered an insight into the life and death of Laura Moon and it was awesome!

The fourth episode, titled “Git Gone” alternates between the past and the present, showing how Laura and Shadow met, how she died, and how exactly she became the creepy zombie creature sitting on Shadow’s motel bed. The interesting thing about “Git Gone” as an episode is that it revolves around a completely unlikeable character, yet it somehow manages to make you kinda like Laura in the final moments of the show.

American Gods

When we meet Laura she’s a single casino dealer who is completely unhappy with her life. For a moment she believes marrying Shadow will make her happy and when that fails she decides to rob a casino. This, of course, is the event which resulted in Shadow’s incarceration. To make things worse, Laura begins to sleep with Shadow’s best friend which ultimately leads to her to a grizzly demise. After her return to the world of the living, Laura seems to have a verified love for Shadow that she didn’t have when she was alive, and she also has super strength. Turns out zombies in American Gods are really fu**ing strong. Remember when Shadow nearly died in the season premiere, when those weird creatures exploded? Turns out Laura stumbled across the scene after her awakening and saved Shadow by literally tearing those things to pieces.

Looking at the episode as a whole, “Git Gone” might be both the least developed episode and the best-developed episode. While the overall narrative of the season didn’t move forward, we learned a lot about a major character and Laura Moon is easily one of the most interesting characters American Gods has to offer.


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