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Should Marvel Make A ‘Ghost Rider’ TV Show?

Ghost Rider was easily one of the best aspects of Agents of SHIELD, but how long can the demon of vengeance stand on the sidelines?

When Ghost Rider was first introduced to Agents of SHIELD I wasn’t exactly thrilled. Admittedly, I was hesitant to believe that Ghost Rider would be the right mix for the lighthearted tone of the show, but thankfully I was very, very wrong.

After watching the shocking season finale, I can confirm that Robbie Reyes aka. Ghost Rider was easily one of the best aspects of the season, but how long can the demon of vengeance stand on the sidelines? Just looking at where season four left Robbie, it’s clear that there is a lot more story to tell about this character and I doubt Agents of SHIELD is the best place for the Ghost Rider to continue. Don’t get me wrong, I think Agents of SHIELD was a great place to introduce Reyes but in order to tell darker, more in depth stories, Marvel should seriously consider giving Ghost Rider a solo series.

Ghost Rider

Agents of SHIELD has only scratched the surface of what Ghost Rider is capable of in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and we haven’t even explored the full backstory of how each Rider gets its powers. A spin-off series focusing solely on Ghost Rider would give Marvel the opportunity to further explore that backstory and develop Ghost Rider as a character. If a Ghost Rider series is greenlit there are a few things that I would like the show to explore. First of all, I think the relationship between Robbie and his brother is a key component of the character so any Ghost Rider series would need to have a large focus on that aspect. It’s also important for the show to eventually explore where the Ghost Rider really comes from and maybe show us some other versions of the character like Johnny Blaze. Lastly, fans have come to love the relationship and friendship between Robbie and Daisy Johnson so that would need to somehow become a part of a potential series. I’m not saying bring Daisy into the Ghost Rider show but find a way to keep that friendship moving forward.

Ghost Rider

The only question worth asking is where people should watch a Ghost Rider solo series. If a spin-off is given the go-ahead then there are a few options. Obviously, a lot of fans are interested in seeing a version of Ghost Rider on Netflix, where Marvel creates high-quality programming like Daredevil and Jessica Jones. By taking the character away from ABC and placing him on Netflix, Marvel would be able to tell the darker storylines that Ghost Rider is known for. I also wouldn’t be surprised to see a Ghost Rider spin-off land on ABC. I like what the network has done with the character so far, and if they were willing to go slightly darker for a solo series I wouldn’t be opposed to watching the show on ABC.

What do you think? Should Ghost Rider get his own series? Should it be Netflix or ABC? Let me know in the comments section below!


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