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‘Supernatural’ Devastates Fans With Heartbreaking Season 12 Finale

There's always been a lot of death when it comes to Supernatural, but that season 12 finale was just heartbreaking.

Major SPOILERS For Supernatural Season 12 Episode 22

There’s always been a lot of death when it comes to Supernatural, but that season 12 finale was just heartbreaking. Fans were left devastated and shocked in the final moments of the season after the death of not one, but two major characters, and the permanent loss of another.

In the final episode of the season, the Winchester brothers teamed up with Castiel, and Crowley to defeat Lucifer but as usual, things didn’t go exactly to plan.

Here Come The SPOILERS!


Getting straight into the heartbreak, the first character to bite the dust was fan-favourite Crowley (Mark Sheppard). That’s right the King of Hell is dead, but maybe not in the way you expect.

The plan to defeat Lucifer included trapping him in an alternate reality, with Crowley performing the spell that closes the door. Unfortunately, that spell requires a life-sacrifice and Crowley made the ultimate offering, stabbing himself with an Angel blade to complete the spell and save the Winchesters.

I guess we can’t really call Crowley a villain anymore…


If you thought Crowley was an unbearable loss then I truly hope you weren’t too attached to Castiel. Immediately after Crowley’s death, Castiel enters the new reality and stabs Lucifer. This was an attempt to keep the Devil in this world, while Crowley’s sacrifice closes the door.

Castiel does make it back through the rift but so does Lucifer who shoves an Angel blade through Castiel’s back, killing the character in front of Sam and Dean.

This isn’t the first time Castiel has died, but it kinda feels like the last…Damn.


As if Sam and Dean hadn’t already lost enough, Mary Winchester followed Crowley’s footsteps and sacrificed herself to save her boys. But before you start crying, Mary didn’t die. Mamma Winchester once again showed her badass side by punching Lucifer back through the rift with the unfortunate outcome of them both falling through and being trapped on an apocalyptic earth.

I’m not too sure how long Mary can survive in this world. Obviously, Lucifer was pretty pissed to be trapped and there’s an Angelic war taking place but I have a feeling Mary will find help in an old ally, Bobby Singer.

Oh yeah, Rowena also kinda died if anyone cares…Anyone?

We won’t know if Mary is safe or if Castiel and Crowley will return until the show premieres with its thirteenth season this autumn. Let me know what you thought of the Supernatural season finale in the comments section below! Do you think Crowley or Castiel will return? Will Sam and Dean save Mary?


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