Empire Magazine has released a new image from Wonder Woman, giving us all an awesome new look at Robin Wright’s amazonian character Antiope. We’re just a few weeks away from the release of Wonder Woman and the amazonian warriors are easily one of the most exciting aspects of the film, especially Antiope who acts as the greatest warrior on Themyscira and the mentor/trailer of Wonder Woman.


The magazine has also revealed a brief interview with director Patty Jenkins, who discusses what it was like to film the massive action sequences featuring 80 women covered in battle armor and weaponry.

“It was a riot. We had 80 incredible women, all living in one Italian summer camp, from supermodels to the best female boxer in the world. It was rangy women just stalking around with their badass moves in droves, all becoming best friends and all super-intrigued by one another.”

Empire also sat down with Wonder Woman herself Gal Gadot. The actress told the magazine what position and mindset the character is in as we see her leave Themyscira and enter the world of man.

“She comes from this heavenly place, then she goes to muddy, bloody Europe, and there’s death all over. This is mind-blowing to her.”

There will be more interviews, images, and reveals in the full issue of Empire Magazine which is available on all decent shelves now.


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