Ben Affleck will appear on NBC’s Red Nose Day Special and will be bringing his inner Batman with him. Talking to People, Affleck revealed that he will be bringing a “stripped down” version of his Batman to help fight child poverty around the world.

“I’m doing my Batman voice, no cowl — just the stripped-down, unplugged version.”

You’d think having the real Batman voice would be enough to impress the kids at home but Affleck reveals his kids require a little more than just the voice to be impressed.

“Unfortunately they are too smart for that and they require actually dressing up to be impressed.”

Finally, Affleck went on to discuss what it’s like to play the Caped Crusader and says that he understands how important the character is and reveals that he’s having a lot of fun playing the latest interpretation of the Dark Knight.

“It’s a lot of fun, Batman is such a serious, heavy character, there is the temptation to be funny about it, or at least self-aware. I really enjoy it. Obviously, it is a character that means a lot to a lot of people and I’m having fun playing it.”

Ben Affleck will next appear as Batman in Zack Snyder’s Justice League which opens in November. The actor will then prepare to jump into the solo Batman movie. The film doesn’t have a current release date but will be helmed by Planet of the Apes director Matt Reeves. The Red Nose Day Special will air on NBC on May 25th, so make sure you check it out to see Affleck and hear his stripped down version of the Batman growl.


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